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I am 

I am a math consultant and PD specialist for the Adult Numeracy Center at TERC in Cambridge, MA, and a teacher of adult basic skills at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, NY, primarily serving immigrants in NYC, especially Hispanic immigrants. I co-created a community of Spanish adult education teachers, Profesores de Educación Adulta en Español (PEAE), for over 100 educators across the US (including Puerto Rico), and along with other colleagues, I lead the workshops “Compartir entre Colegas” for those teachers who feel excluded from developing their knowledge in their native language.

Since I was a high school student in the Dominican Republic, I have been passionate about teaching. I would have a blackboard, chalk, and notebooks ready every afternoon to help my friends understand concepts they struggled with. 

Learn with Mer is the culmination of over a decade of expertise and passion in the field of education. Established in 2022, our platform offers a range of unparalleled test prep classes, including SAT, SHSAT, and GED, as well as comprehensive math tutoring for middle school to college students. With a proven track record of success, we take pride in helping students from around the globe achieve their academic goals and unlock their full potential. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our personalized approach to learning, where every student is treated as an individual with unique needs and learning styles.

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Universitàt de Barcelona

Masters in Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language to Adults


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature

Stony Brook University

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